【Fully Removable 】 ZOEGAA Surface Laptop 1/2 13.5 inch Privacy Screen Protector Anti-Blue Light/Anti-Spy Filter Compatible Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Privacy Screen Protector


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  • ✅ Surface laptop 2 privacy screen Anti-peep angle: screen angle is 30 ± degrees, transparency is 60% ± 5, the thickness is 0.35mm. The data is only visible in front of the display and appears as a black or black screen from the side view and gives you other important advantages. More comfortable and secure when entering passwords and viewing personal content.
  • ✅13.5 surface laptop 2 privacy screen fully detachable and reusable: privacy screen surface laptop 2 is connected via a silicone seal at the edge of the privacy screen. If the silicone is dirty, it can be washed with water and the adhesive will recover after drying. The screen includes a white mounting plate for screen storage when not in use.
  • ✅ Anti-glare: ZOEGAA privacy screen laptop 13.5 inch not only provides privacy but also protects your It has anti-glare and 35% blue light protection, protects your eyes and prevents strong light reflection, reduces eye pressure and ultraviolet rays caused by glare, Our Surface Laptop Privacy Screen also helps keep your screen safe from dust and scratches.


  • ✅Surface laptop 2 13.5 inch privacy screen protector:If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.we will fix your issue within 24 hours.
  • ✅ Surface laptop 2 privacy screen Anti-peep angle: screen angle is 30 ± degrees, transparency is 60% ± 5, the...

    User reviews

    I like that this isn't bulky, i use it on my surface full time. It says easily removed, and I'm sure it can be. I think the more you do that the less and less it will lay flat. Just like any screen cover any bit of debris or dust creates a tiny bubble.
    Probably the best privacy screen I have purchased. it Is easy to add to the computer screen and to remove when it isn’t in use. The privacy screen comes with a hard plastic piece that privacy screen can be attached to when it is not in use. With other screen protectors the adhesive tape collects dust when not in use. This doesn’t happen with this privacy screen. It’s a good product.
    This exceeded my expectations. As a student who is required to have a privacy screen for exams, I need to be able to put it on and remove it with ease. It fits great and you cannot tell it is on. It is also super easy to clean as lint does build up over time.

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