[2PCS Pack]MacBook Pro Screen Protector Anti-Glare Blue Light Filter for 2016-2020 MacBook Pro Touch Bar 13″ A2338 A2251 A2289 A2159 A1706 A1708 A1989 and 2020-2018 MacBook Air 13 A2337 A2179 A1932

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  • Standing screen display size: ‎13 Inches


  • MACBOOK PRO SCREEN PROTECTOR - Designed for 2020-2016 Release MacBook Pro 13 inch A2338(M1) A2251 A2289 A2159 A1706 A1708 A1989 with or without TouchBar and 2020-2018 Release MacBook Air 13 Inch A2337(M1) A2179 A1932 with Touch ID.

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    The good news: They fit the 2020 Macbook Air, though the camera hole is slightly off center.I put them on two Mac Airs with equally disappointing results. With care, you'll get a decent protector with numerous bubbles. Pull-off tab #1 left air bubbles on both screens. We'll buy another brand and replace both.The written instructions leave out steps, so use the QR code and watch their video. I recommend getting a larger alcohol wipe (it dried out before cleaning the whole screen) and larger lint cloth.Screen protectors are always awkward to apply but accurate instructions are a good start..
    Applying screen protectors has always been a hit or miss for me when it comes to air bubbles. This time it was a miss, but it does not bother me as much as I thought it would. It comes with a QR code to scan for an application tutorial video, but that video was somewhat confusing so I messed up on the application. I had to take off the screen and reapply it myself without help from the video tutorial because it was just messing me up.I give this product 4 stars because I was very impressed with how the screen protector is so thin that the MacBook can close with no issues, even with the special keyboard. The protector also seems to be made of high quality, durable plastic that definitely will be resistant against scratches.Anti glare is okay. It is maybe 90-95% anti glare and the glare is dull enough that I’ll still be able to see my screen, which works for me.Now screen quality is less than impressive. The screen itself is breathtaking with a clear and clean display, which is what I was hoping this screen protector would reflect. Unfortunately, it gives a dull and kind of milky quality. Personally however, I’m willing to sacrifice screen quality if it means that my laptop can be protected and continues to function like it should with all of its updated features.I recommend this product for users with the 2020 Macbook!
    I purchased this for my new macbook and it is just what I need. I had an older macbook with antiglare screen protector and I really liked it. With my new macbook, I didn't get this right away and been using it without the anti-glare for awhile but because of the reflection, I had a hard time looking at the screen in bright sunlight. Also it had my keyboard marks on my screen making it harder for me to see the screen. I hated the reflection and so I purchased this anti-glare with the blue light blockage and it is just perfect. Makes my macbook look better and no more keyboard marks on the screen. Definitely recommend for people that use a lot of time in front of the computer.

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