400 Mixed Sticker Packs (Inspirational Quotes, Aesthetic, Food, Read and Nature Park Type Stickers) Stickers for Laptop, Water Bottle, Skateboard, Suitcase, Pad Vinyl Waterproof Stickers


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  • 【Cost-effective】- There are 400 different types of stickers in the package, including a variety of different types and styles of stickers, such as inspirational quotes, food, fruit and drink stickers, aesthetics stickers, reading stickers, natural park stickers... many types of stickers...

    User reviews

    If you're getting these for kids I would go through the stickers just to double check they're all appropriate. I did find some alcohol related stickers as well as a vibrator sticker but again only 10 out of 400 stickers were inappropriate.
    I received 100 duplicate stickers which was a little disappointing because, as a teacher, I was excited about the inspirational quotes and reading themed stickers, for my students, that were sadly not included. 🙁 I also found about 14 inappropriate stickers in the pack, including one with a sexual theme that I won't be including in the prize bin for my students! Overall, it was a good value.
    So many wonderful surprises and designs! I love my huge assortment and they pictures are very high quality! They stick really well to some more flat bottles, but ones with texture leads to a bit of peeling on the edges. Great value for the price!

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