56WH 33YDH Laptop Battery for Dell Inspiron 17 7000 7778 7779 7786 7773 15 7577 G3 3579 3779 G5 5587 G7 7588 Latitude 13 3380 14 3490 15 3590 3580 PVHT1 P30E 81PF3 081PF3 – 12 Months Warranty

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  • Compatible P/N: 33YDH PVHT1 DNCWSCB6106B
  • Warranty: We specialize in providing quality power products from factory direct sales and quality customer service.Full Refund within 60 days.Satisfaction guaranteed and backed by 12 months replacement warranty for free and 24 x 7 email support.


  • Battery Type: Li-polymerVoltage: 15.2V Capacity: 56WH ; Cells: 4-cell; Color: Black with Two Free Screwdrivers
  • Compatible P/N:33YDH PVHT1 DNCWSCB6106B
  • Compatible for Dell Inspiron 17 7000 7577 7773 7778 7786 7779 2in1 Series; for Dell G3 15 3579 Series; for Dell G3 17...

    User reviews

    Initial review: One of the worst purchases I've made on AmazonThis battery has given me all sorts of problems since day one: it doesn't hold its charge, the laptop does not seem to recognize the battery at times, phantom charge, a complete disillusion with this product.~~~~Update 03/26/2020After my initial review, I felt like I had to come back here and change both my rating and update the review itself. This Amazon seller has gone above and beyond to ensure I got nothing but what I purchased. On March 8, I was contacted by the seller to initiate the process of shipping me a new battery without any charges whatsoever. His only goal was for me to get what I purchased and proceeded to apologize for the bad item I got initially - even after 1 month had passed!The seller has been in contact with me throughout ensuring that the replacement item he submitted is performing according to my expectations and has been diligent at every turn. Although my initial experience with the first shipment was not the best as the item did not perform as I expected, just having this seller showing that he cared that I was satisfied, sending me a replacement item, and following up to ensure the replacement is performing as expected is all I ever wanted. I would do business with this seller any day of the week.
    My Dell Inspiron 7577's OEM battery life had dwindled to something like 15 minutes after 3 years. Dell's price is well over $100 and I'm relatively handy with computers so I didn't have a problem buying an aftermarket part, especially as other ratings on this particular item were pretty good. I downloaded the repair manual for my laptop, and as soon as this battery got here, went to replace it. Taking the back off a 7577 is easy. Removing the screws that hold the battery in place is easy. Removing the CONNECTOR from the old battery (to be able to connect it to the new one) is nerve-wracking - seriously, those are the thinnest, most FRAGILE wires and connectors I've seen. If you do this, DO NOT PULL ON EITHER CONNECTOR (the end that fits on the computer as well as the one that fits on the battery). I used the point of a HAND SEWING NEEDLE to gently pry both ends of the battery cable free - very slowly, a nudge on one side and then again on the other, until it was far enough off the pins to be able to lift it off the rest of the way (GENTLY!!). Putting it back on the new battery was the reverse - fitting it gently onto the pins and then pushing one side, then the other with the eye of the needle. I had to take off BOTH ends of the cable - the computer connector and the battery because the wires are SO thin, I did not want to flip the cable over (the connector is on the side facing down, of course, so you have to flip it if you don't remove the computer end first). I was seriously afraid I'd snap the wires if I did flip it over. Once both connectors were in place, screws back in and the laptop's back put back on, the system booted without incident. The battery did not have a full charge, and once I charged it I ran the laptop till shutdown three or four times, to condition it. It currently holds a charge a little over 2 hours (not much different from the original OEM battery), which I'm pleased with. By the way, the screwdrivers this ships with? Don't need 'em for this purpose (a small Phillips head is fine), and they're pretty cheap/chintzy anyway. The battery seems to do what it's supposed to, and I'm happy with that. Vendor shipped it quickly and followed up with a warranty email.
    My original Dell Inspiring 17 7000 series laptop battery never seemed great but recently often quit with little notice after about 30 minutes. I installed this today, fully charged it then unplugged it to see what it will do. I have been using it for hours and it still has over 50% battery life. I don't recall the battery lasting this long when the laptop Obviously, I can't comment on the overall life of the battery yet. I'll update later if the battery doesn't hold up well.

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