AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad for 15.6 to 17 Inch Laptops, Compatible with Lapdesk and Desk Use, 6 Cooling Fans with Red Lights, 7 Ergonomic Stands for Home Office Work


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  • STRONG AIRFLOW WITH 6 COOLING FANS- AICHESON laptop fan cooling pad has 6 fans, 3 big fans(110mm) and 3 small fans(65mm) with red lights, LCD display screen provides 1-6 ranges fan speeds, you will feel the airflow. 2 modes with long pressing ON/OFF Button for 3 seconds. Please note that...

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    I am pleased with this < AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad for 15.6 to 17 Inch Laptops, Compatible with Lapdesk and Desk Use, 6 Cooling Fans with Red Lights, 7 Ergonomic Stands for Home Office Work > [ ].It is very easy to set up and use and it cools my laptop well. (I am currently using an Asus Rogstrix GL553VE-DS74 which has had its original Windows [gaming] system removed and has been converted to a GNU/Linux operating system.)There is no instruction manual enclosed but most of the necessary instructions can be found on the back of the box.Unfortunately the box which I received must be for a different model than what I got. While it appears that most of the instructions are applicable to my pad, some are not.The box's instructions show a switch which can change the colors of the LEDs. My unit does not have the RGB switch which would change the colors. There is a button labeled Aicheson (where the box shows the location of the RGB button to be) which does depress but, whether I press it once quickly or hold it down for a few seconds, it does nothing.Therefore I cannot change the color of the LEDs on my unit (not that that's a major defect).My fans have a red LED only and the display screen appears in red only. The display screen's LED goes off after a few seconds but the display is visible at all times the pad is in use.That red color is fine but it would have been nice to have all three colors as indicated on the box. I will say that Amazon's product page is correct in not mentioning that the colors can be changed (as they can't be).The box also does not explain that the cell phone holder can be used on either side of the pad (it can be stored when not in use only on the left side). (Amazon's product page does mention this.)A problem with the cell phone holder is that there is no slot cut into it through which a charging cable could be plugged into the phone. The holder itself, at its mounting points, appears to be a bit on the flimsy side so, because of these issues, I shall not be using it. This is somewhat disappointing to me.Those minor caveats aside, I can say that adjusting the fan speed is easier and better than any other cooling pad I have obtained thus far. When the pad is first turned on, the fan speed always defaults to "U3" and the range is from "U1" to "U6" and there is a small graphic which shows that the fan is turning at the indicated speed.I really like the fact that the controls are located at the front of the cooling pad where they can be easily seen and used while the pad (as well as your computer) is in use.The pad's fan is fairly quiet even at "U6" and the "U3" setting (the default) is adequate for cooling my laptop.The pad itself appears to be well constructed out of good quality materials and I believe that it will last for a long time. As with most other modern cooling pads, there are multiple angles at which you can set the pad and there are also two USB ports included (so that you don't lose one on your computer; however I do not know if these ports are USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 - I suspect that they are USB 2.0.)All in all I will give this cooling pad a very high recommendation. Just make sure that you carefully read the description on Amazon's page and basically ignore (some of) the instructions which appear on the box (that's assuming you get the same box as I did). I believe that, if you buy one of these pads, you will be as satisfied with it as I am.Thank you for reading this report.Lawrence H. Bulk
    The cooling pad does not require any assembly. It comes with a USB cable, and you plug it into one of your USB ports. It has 6 speeds, and all speeds are quiet. Even when I put it to the highest, there is no noise.This, as a laptop stand, can get 4-5 stars, but as a laptop cooling pad, only 1. I have predator helios 300. It doesn't have a huge heating problem, but it can get a little hot when I play games. I was using my old nzxt cryo x60 cooling pad. Unfortunately, compared to that, Aicheson fails. It does not really reduce or remove any heat from my laptop, but again, my laptop does not have any over-heating issues except when I play games.Also, I still have no idea why there are red led-lights. They are underneath the pad, and it is not visible when you put your laptop on the pad.Based on my experience, I cannot really recommend this as a cooling pad. It has some cooling effect, but it won't improve the quality.
    Heat is an enemy of electronics. I admit to not knowing if, with today's devices, cooling pads are actually necessary or if the designers have adequately compensated for temperature build-up. I got in the habit of using them when an old Dell 17-inch would have problems due to overheating. Add to that a modem which becomes uncomfortably hot to the touch and a Roku stick which definitely cuts out without a fan blowing on it. So, as cheap as fan pads are, by default I just set any devices, including routers and VOIP devices which are switched on either always or for extended periods of time, on top of one.I have a number of these pads in various sizes from multiple manufacturers. At its highest speed setting this Aicheson pad moves as much air as any of them, including a Cooler Master. Being a fool for LEDs, especially of the RGB variety, the internal illumination is appealing, though the model I received has only red LEDs (consistent with the description, above) despite the box stating RGB. As any lights will be occluded by the device sitting on it, the presence or absence of illumination in the pad is of no consequence. There is no manual included but, with the stipulation that you first need to be smarter than the technology, the few instructions on the bottom of the box should be adequate. It comes with a very short USB-A male-male cable for connection to a power source.The one I received had one non-functioning fan which, on close inspection, turned out to be due to a piece of adhesive foam apparently left over from during the assembly process. I was able to work it loose and remove it without disassembling the pad and all fans now work normally. In use, even at the highest setting the pad is almost completely silent.Overall, I think this is a well-designed and economically priced cooling pad worthy of consideration.

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