CloudValley Webcam Cover Slide, 0.023in Camera Cover for Laptops, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, iPad, PC/Computer, Tablets, Ultra-Thin Web Blocker Protecting Your Privacy [4-Pack]


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  • ✅【Universal Compatibility】0.023inch Ultra-Thin design makes it compatibility with MacBook Pro 15 inch / 13 inch Version, MacBook Air 13 inch Version, iMac and other Laptops as: HP, Dell, Asus etc, and compatibility with iPad Pro/ iPad Air/ iPad mini, Tablets, PC, Computer, Echo, Surface and more.


  • ✅【Fashion】Clean minimalist design, shines the beauty of your devices.
  • ✅【Elegant】 Matte Black coating layer, ergonomic metal privacy cover.
  • ✅【Universal Compatibility】0.023inch Ultra-Thin design makes it compatibility with MacBook Pro 15 inch / 13 inch...

    User reviews

    This is the third purchase of a webcam lens cover and it almost works perfectly. Is ultra thin and doesn’t seams to prevent the MacBook Air 2020 to close properly, but it does added a gap that worries me that could damage the screen since a gap indicates that pressure is concentrated in a spot. What makes it thicker seams to be the adhesion film as shown in the last picture. The sticking film added to the products makes it twice thicker.I also tried other magnetic version considering that should be thinner but the cover falls apart. So far seams to be a good product, made of metal. I wish it could be a little bigger to make it easier to slide, but not so big that it could interfere with the ambient light sensor usually at the right of the camera. It is a little bit hard to slide since is very small, but it might improve overtime while using. However is a good thing that it doesn’t slide on it’s own as reported by other versions of camera covers. If they can make the sticking part thinner the product will be perfect.
    I had the same issue as other recent folks where I was only sent two covers though the listing is for a four pack. The product itself is great and much thinner than others. It works perfectly what I need. I reached out by email to request that the others be sent and provided my order info. While they did respond that they wanted to help fix the issue, it was frustrating that they kept repeatedly asking for my phone number after I’d already provided order info which I saw no reason why they would need it. After three email exchanges where I declined to provide it and they kept asking I gave up. Disappointing customer service experience.
    Pros:- installs very fast and stays on well- manual camera blockage is the best way to know you aren’t showing your boss that it’s 2pm and you’re still in your PJs.Cons:- on my Surface Pro, the different sensors are very close to the camera, and even as small as these are, it was tough to put it on straight and ensure it wasn’t blocking anything.(Tip: I left the camera on while installing, and only peeled 1/2 of the backing away from the adhesion, until I had it placed where it wasn’t blocking).- it’s difficult to tell (because they are black, and so is the camera on my computers) whether the slider is blocking the camera or not at a glance. I fixed that with fine paint pens, coloring in the slider and the backing that shows when the camera is covered. So, when the camera is open, you only see the one dot. When it’s closed, you see the entire oval. You could just slide it to check, but these feel a little flimsy, and I didn’t want to mess with them that much.Overall, I’m happy with them. Cheap, easy, and they look nicer than my pink post it note covering them prior to these.

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