Cooler Master NotePal U3 PLUS – Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad with 3 Moveable High Performance Fans – Black Cooler Master


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Cooler Master NotePal U3 PLUS - Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad with 3 Moveable High Performance Fans - Black

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Pros: This cooler was relatively cheap, but the metal mesh and heavy plastic give it a nice sturdy build. It's slim enough to slide into my backpack with my laptop, it is comfortable in your lap, moves quite a bit of air. It's about as loud as my laptop's internal fan, so it's pretty quiet. The ability to wrap the cord around the bottom makes it all tight and neat when you want to put it away. Cons: Really just nitpicks here. Like another review mentioned, the usb plugin has a female on the other side so you can still use that usb slot without removing the one for the fan, and the edges on it ARE pretty sharp. Not sharp enough to cut by just handling it or anything, but enough to give you a heck of a scratch if you were in a hurry and reached across quickly and got it. I don't forsee it being a problem, but I don't think it would have hurt to encase the sharp parts in plastic or file them down, etc. Overall Review: I'm a college student who uses a laptop for school and plays a fair amount of Warcraft on it, which causes it to run hot enough I started to worry I was going to fry something. Went looking for a cooler, I've owned one in the past, one of Belkin's cheaper models. It was horrible from the start. After way too much time digging through reviews, I settled on this one. I couldn't be happier with it. It's sturdy, the fan is pretty quiet, the metal mesh makes the heat dissipation really good even though the fan isn't centered on the section that needed cooling the most. The bottom of my laptop went from burning hot while I played to cool to touch. Absolutely what I was looking for and would recommend to others. I logged on to post this review 3 weeks after I got it, and saw that it is out of stock and may not be restocked. I really hope it does, or when this one eventually dies I'll have to take my business elsewhere to buy another.
Pros: Coool temps - awesome fan performance and covers all of my 17" notebook Great looks LED and PWM fan speed control Decently portable, but feels durable Takes one USB, gives one USB back Cons: Not quiet or very effective at high speeds, try to find the sweet spot on the dial (it has a good range) Overall Review: Temps went from 59-63 idle and ~70C with streaming video and internet usage on my 25W i5 notebook CPU...down to 48-50 idle and ~60 streaming! 10C+ drop! I noticed bumping up the fan speed to max didn't do much at all to improve temps, and just made the humble groan more pronounced. The hand cooler seems like a gimmick, but if you're a touchpad user or a dual screen user with the main screen to the left, having the air exhausted onto your warm hands is AWESOME! It was an afterthought to me when I was deciding to buy the Notepal, but ended up being one of my favorite features. All in all, great product, and would recommend if price is not a factor. Check out the Notepal x2, it might be a cheaper and still competitive alternative.
Pros: Well built and quiet. Doesn't take up a USB port, due to being able to plug into its plug. Cons: It's a lot taller than I expected, despite it being labeled as "slim", but I haven't noticed any discomfort yet. It's also a little narrower than my 17" laptop, but the laptop still sits firmly on top. It didn't resolve my laptop's overheating issue like I had hoped. Overall Review: I have an MSI GT70 gaming laptop that tends to overheat unless I turn on it's rather noisy "turbo" fan. I was hoping this cooling pad would allow quiet and cool operation, but that turns out not to be the case. Perhaps my laptop just has terrible cooling.

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