DELL Laptop XPS XPS9350-673SLV Intel Core i5 6th Gen 6200U (2.30 GHz) 4 GB Memory 128 GB SSD Intel HD Graphics 520 13.3″ Windows 10 Home 64-Bit DELL


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DELL Laptop XPS XPS9350-673SLV Intel Core i5 6th Gen 6200U (2.30 GHz) 4 GB Memory 128 GB SSD Intel HD Graphics 520 13.3" Windows 10 Home 64-Bit

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Pros: - Small and Lightweight - Large high quality display for its footprint - Fantastic battery life (10 ish hours of real use) - Very snappy and quick (never find my self waiting for a basic application to open) Cons: - Limited space on SSD - Some issues with two finger scroll on track pad Overall Review: I am a college student (Mechanical Engineering) who got this to take to and from class for light work (ie Web browsing, online textbooks, email, and word processing). It has worked beautifully for me so far and runs my CAD software fairly well (Autodesk Inventor and CATIA V5) but I only use it to show files and do basic modifications. The display is large, very sharp and clear; movies look great on it. I was hesitant to get it because of only one review on this specific one but it is great and you really don't need the touch screen version. If you get this non-touch version over the touch screen you save $300 and add 3 hours to your battery life.
Pros: - Plenty fast, even for someone like me who uses a 4GHz i7 desktop. - 1080p screen is adequate, not sure why someone said it's glossy, it's a really satisfying matte finish to me. Thin bezels make the XPS 13 feel very unique. - CPU idles at 0.8GHz, 0.6W, 40C CPU at load runs at 2.4GHz, 18+W (Despite 15W TDP), 50-60C - No complaints about the trackpad or keys, though I'm not picky in that department. - M.2 SSD can be upgraded. on first boot I had 99.8 gigs free. - No driver issues (yet), and no bloatware that I can find. - The size and weight of this thing is incredible. It's the size of my 11" Chromebook. Cons: - The screen colors feel a bit dull compared to other monitors - The back edge of the screen (Where the hot air hits it) can get quite hot - The hinge is too stiff - Even though I'll never use it, the webcam is in an odd spot. It's worth it for the thin bezels though. - The carbon fiber finish, while genuine, isn't to my tastes. - RAM is not upgrade-able Overall Review: For the price ($750) it's an awesome machine. My wife who loves Macbooks is even impressed by the finish and quality of the XPS 13.
Pros: Computer looks nice. Thin and portable Cons: Horrendous customer service, wireless driver issue, constant reboots

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