Dexiang for 8 Inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD8 HD 8 8th Gen 2018 L5S83A Touch Screen(no LCD)


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  • Dexiang for 8 Inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD8 HD 8 8th Gen 2018 L5S83A Touch Screen(no lcd)
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    User reviews

    My 4-year-old cracked the screen on his 8th-gen Fire 8" despite having a shock-absorbing kid proof case (similar to the kid's edition case, but generic) and a screen protector. You can only protect glass so much from a boy his age who has a temper that was provoked from his older brother!After letting it sit broken for a few weeks to get the message across (hopefully... yeah right!) I ordered this, as it was the ONLY screen I could find marketed as compatible with the 8th gen Fire. Of course, I wanted to be on the safe side, though I could only assume the 7th gen screens are similar. Roughly following a guide that was written for the 7th gen, it does appear to have the same connector, but not having one in front of me to compare and test, I couldn't say for sure.I also tend to stay away from items with no reviews, but felt a bit cornered. I took the chance, and I'm glad I did! Screen arrived about a week before the earliest estimated date, and it worked perfectly! This did come with the tools needed (minus the heat gun/hair dryer of course) along with a few more tiny screwdrivers that weren't. It also came with the screen adhesive tape. Glass was well-wrapped with bubble wrap in a small box.Big thumbs up from me!
    My son dropped out Amazon fire tablet and shattered the screen. I figured I would try this before replacing the entire tablet. It came with everything as described, new screen and all the tools to change it out with. I youtubed the video and within 30 min I had the screen changed and my son was backing watching Daniel Tiger again. I am so glad I tried this and saved the landfill of another electronic and saved money in doing so.
    Wasn't sure about this as there are not many guides about replacing the Fire HD 8 - 8th Generation screen.However, I was able to replace the screen and it works well. The two screens come with tools doing the work.I found a video for replacing the 7th generation screen. You pretty much follow the same procedure. Where it may differ is when you have to remove the ribbon cable that attaches the from the screen to the motherboard.On the back side of the tablet (with the back cover off, of course) you'll want to loosen the screws that hold the motherboard to the frame. You have to detach the ribbon cable from the connection on the motherboard. Then there is a small (about 1cm) square circuit board attached to this cable that is glued on to a conductive pad on the mother board. Slowly work this away from the motherboard using a plastic tool and NO heat. Once that whole little assembly is loose then you can move the loosened motherboard around to route the cable through to the front to fully remove it along with the screen.Then when installing the new screen, you'll have to route the cable back through.I would advise reseating the screen fully before finalizing the ribbon cable connections.Once that is done, expose the adhesive on the 1cm square circuit board on the ribbon cable, attach and seat the ribbon cable into the connector on the motherboard (taking care to not let the little square circuit board get stuck on anything). Then, carefully more the little square circuit board into place over its conductive pad on the motherboard, then press down to seat the board.

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