IPOW 12-Mode RGB Laptop Cooling Pad LED Screen Gaming Laptop Cooler with 6 High-Speed Adjustable Fans, 7 Heights Stand, 2 USB Ports, Compatible up to 17” Laptop & PS4


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  • Cool RGB Lights - 12 different modes of RGB lights to customize it as you like (blinking, pulsing, streaming, or static lighting of 7 colors.etc). one button to switch, the lights give your pad an incredibly cool look especially in dark conditions, absolutely your perfect companion for gaming.(Tip: Hold the RGB button for 3s to turn off)


  • Powerful Cooling - Equipped with 6 high-speed quiet fans(maximum speed 2900 RPM), the cooling pad generates an aerodynamic airflow that cool your laptop down efficiently, the metal mesh with dense holes sustain shocks and promote heat dissipation, the innovative groove design undoubtedly...

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    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I bought this to help keep my 17 inch laptop cool but it is not big enough. If you put the keepers up it cant reach the fan intake. It will work with them down but then the computer slides when you move your legs. As you can see in the video the fan speed is adjustable and you can change how many fans you want on. It also creates a buffer between the computer and my lap which keeps my legs from feeling like they are on fire. I would recommend this for a 15 inch or smaller but I am sure there are better ones out there for 17 inch or larger.
    Leg broke in two weeks of use. Fans blowing air wrong way total wast of money don’t buy.Update: ipow was really good about hunting me down and message and emailed me until they got through. They sent me replacement free of charge after I sent them pictures of the break. It got here on time and seems to be doing better then the last one. I haven’t been on my laptop much though due to the upcoming holidays. I will update again after I get to use it more it the customer service was top shelf. I thought all was lost but they made it right. I’ve never had a seller contact me when they could have let it go.Final update: After a long break from my laptop went to use it with this cooling tray and the exact same break occurred. Great customer service but the product keeps breaking.
    Well it's what it is. Cooling fan for you computer. I see no difference because I use my computer and when I do it heats up. All laptops are obviously different. My heat existing fan is at the rear fold of my laptop. I have no idea if these fans are cooling it down. Winter is hear and I mention that because I play outside. I run Dota on my laptop and it's the only game I play and the heat from my computer isn't as intense as it was in the summer. If I find changes I will update this review. It's a really nice fan and I have a major neck and back posture and this cooling fan helps me correct that bad posture. At the end of the day it really comes down to you being aware of this posture and improving it with tools accessible such as this cooling fan. I like this cooling fan, but it could be better.... Way better. I would pay $40 plus if it was better.

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