JRCMAX 5-in-1 Laptop Skin for 2016+ MacBook Pro 13 Inch with Function Keys (W/O Touch Bar) (Model: A1708), 3M Vinyl Decal MacBook Pro 13″ Accessories with Palm Rest Sticker Screen Protector – Silver


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  • Brand: ‎JRCMAX
  • Item model number: ‎13-NTB-Silver
  • Item Weight: ‎9 ounces
  • Package Dimensions: ‎16.5 x 13.4 x 0.4 inches
  • Color: ‎Silver
  • Manufacturer: ‎JRCMAX
  • Date First Available: ‎April 11, 2019


  • [USED FOR] Compatible with For Macbook Pro 13" without Touch Bar A1708 2016/2017/2018/2019+
  • [ADVANTAGE] 1. Precise cutouts fits perfectly to the inch, the logo well revealing. 2. Ultra-thin polyester skin, good for heat dissipation. 3. Resistant to scratches and dust, the...

    User reviews

    This is my 3rd MacBook to apply a protective film. 1st was a MacBook Air and I was able to find a nice thick CLEAR film for it. Could not find one for the new MacBook 13". 2nd was a Carbon Fiber on MacBook 2011...that one was great and easy to apply.Now to this one. It's a little thinner than the last two versions I purchased but overall, I think it is going to do the job. Prior 2011 MacBook 13", the palm rest did not go up the sides of the keyboard so it was really easy to place. This one, I fear the very thin parts along the sides of the speakers are not going to hold up great....perhaps I will trim off the top portion and just use the palm rest. There isn't much to tarnish above the touchbar or along the sides with the speakers...mostly the track pad and the palm rest areas are what need protection for the long haul. I beliveve this is going to work.As for the lid and base....I found it to be very easy to apply and align. My last Carbon Fiber lasted a couple of years before the base started to get some spots where it was "snagged" and I finally removed it. The lid is still on and FANTASTIC. I believe both the lid and the base of this one will stay on very well. Only time will tell.As for missing the exact placement the first time....well, that happened to me. I missed the lid by just a very tiny bit. NO WORRIES....I peeled it all back and adjusted and it all went back on very well and what appears to be VERY STRONG.I did not put the screen protector on yet. I will do that another day.Overall on day one...this is a great value if you like to keep the nicks and scuffs off your device....which by the way, only really benefits the future owner if there ever is one. But if you are like me...I like to apply some stickers on my machine, but NOT DIRECTLY ON THE MACHINE...so these look like the original Apple product and I can soon put stickers on it without really gumming up the original hardware.
    Went on easily. My husband is the resident screen protector guru so I handed him my computer and told him to have fun :). He did ask me to hold one side as he was applying the cover so he could focus on making sure there were no bubbles. Looks great, feels great. I love that it has the full touch pad cover too and there is no added bulk to the computer but I know its being protected from scratches and the general grossness that accompanies having three kids.
    This product was even better than I expected. The stickers feel thick and the color matches the space gray almost perfectly. The sticker for the lid was off by less than a millimeter on some edges. The one for the bottom fits even better. Originally, I was only planning to use the outside stickers but since the color and fit were really good I decided to use the inside one as well.Putting the stickers on takes some patience but it's not as hard as you would think. I first put them on two corners on one side and then pressed a little more firmly once I saw that it looked good. Then I put the rest of the sticker very lightly and checked if the two opposite corners matched. If you mess up you can peel it off carefully and it won't ruin anything. Once I was happy with the four corners I pressed very firmly starting at the center and then out.I didn't plan to install the screen protector but I did just to try it. It's actually harder to install than the 3M protector because you get bubbles easily. I haven't used my laptop in a bright environment yet, but I'm thinking that it makes reflections worse.I recommend this product if you want to prevent scratches on your MBP. I never put a protector or case on my previous one, but having one allows me to be a little less careful and relaxed when using it on random surfaces, or wearing a metal watch, or putting it in a backpack, etc.

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