Lsxvern Laptop Cooling Pad, 6-Fan Notebook Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad with LED Lights, Dual 2.0 USB Ports, Suitable for 12-17 Inch Laptops


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  • ►【Cooling Fans】Lsxvern laptop Cooling Pad with the mesh design and the 6 fans (60mm) spinning at adjustable speed from 2200-2600 RPM, greatly dissipate the heat from the laptop, enable it in good working condition, and prolong the lifespan of your laptop; Six ultra-quiet fans create a...

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    I had previously written a review for this cooling pad. However, even the good points of this pad are negated because it no longer works. The problem seems to be that the USB power receptacles point straight out from the back. The USB A cable sticks straight out. With continual pressure on the USB cable, it breaks the socket and the fans can no longer power on. I've found a different cooling pad that has the USB ports on the side. I'm hoping that this results in the pad lasting much longer as the cables won't be constantly bending the USB power receptacles. I've also ordered 90 degree turn USB cables to use so the cables do not protrude straight out. Regardless of the solution, this cooling pad lasted a shorter time periods than any cooling pad I've owned. I recommend that nobody buys this cooling pad.Original Review prior to unit breaking.The device comes with 6 fans, there is a cable to hook it together. The device should work exceptionally well. however, the fans do not line up with the cooling vents on my Dell computer, so I have to slide the the cooling device backwards so that the air is sucked out of the laptop and the cooling occurs. For a week, it worked well in this mode. Unfortunately, there is a movable platform on the bottom of the cooling device. Within a week, it had snapped in two and now a couple weeks later, both pieces have fallen off the cooling device. It's unclear if this is a product defect or if it was somehow my fault. Presently there is a wire stand that is alone on the bottom of the product that can't engage in the plastic part that was previously there.
    Does keep my computer cool... but what they don't tell you if you like a tilt on on computer (laptop) and you bump it... your laptop will slide off... I don't know how many times I had to catch mine before it hits the floor...other than it does keeps my laptop cool... I hate that little flap.. it is not tall enough.. it is barely 1/2" tall... you need more than that for a laptop to keep from sliding in the floor... keep looking! wish I would have known before I purchased this platform! This is update.. here it is July.. the little flap broke!! Frigging broke.. was not tall enough to keep my HP notebook from slipping off.. and the flap broke! The first one I had the fans ran twice and quite on me.. so this cooling fan platform ... is JUNK.. my advice is don't buy!
    Wanted exactly something like this. The temperature app shows It cools the laptop by 5 degs Celsius. But it certainly saves the thighs from laptop burns.

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