New GHU Battery 40 WHR Replacement for M5Y1K HD4J0 Compatible with Dell Inspiron 15 5000 3000 Laptop 3551 3552 3567 5458 5551 5555 5559 5758 5558 5559 5758 14 3451 3452 3458 17 5755 5759 6VFVM 1KFH3


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  • Capacity: 40wh 14.8V; Perfect replacement battery and Compatible With Dell Inspirion 15 3000 Series 3551 3451 i3451 3452 n3452 3458 n3458 3551 3558 3452 15-3558 15-3552 3552 and 17 n5451 n5455 5551 5558 n5458 5559 5755 p47f P52f. For part number M5Y1K M5YiK 453-BBBr ttyfja00 m51yk 14.8V or 14.8 Volt. Samsung Battery cell, more stable and more life time.


  • New GHU Battery 40 whr Compatible With Dell Inspiron M5Y1K 14.8v laptop replacement battery for Dell Inspiron 3551 3558 5551 5555 i5555 5558 i5558 5758 vostro 3451 3458 3558 PN hd4j0 m5yik wkrj2 gxvj3 1kfh3 3458n 78v9d 07g07 991xp lithium-ion 4 cell, made with Samsung high quality battery...

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    I am SO THRILLED! This thing FITS seamlessly. It came already 85% charged. And I must say, the packaging was so nice that for a second I was opening some top of the line super expensive something-or-nother. Really, they did a great job with the packaging. It wasn't thrown into a bag with some scotch tape like you'd expect for such an excellent price.I took a leap of faith ordering a battery that I HOPED would fit.. what a relief that it is literally an exact match. I've been using a laptop with a completely worthless dead battery for over a year, and it has been a nightmare. Every two seconds someone would accidentally unplug my cord, either tripping over it or needing to use the outlet and inadvertently pulling the plug my laptop was on. Oh and the worst was the stupid charger slipping out on its own because my leg moved. And every time I'd lose ALL my work immediately. I've been a nervous wreck because of this stupid battery problem. I should have ordered this thing AGES ago! It's so cheap! The ones on the Dell website are ridiculous. The laptop itself cost less than what they want for a new battery!Such an easy fix to such a FRUSTRATING problem. Oh the suffering and torture of trying to work with a dead battery! Just seeing that charging bar filling up has me so relieved and happy. I can use my laptop like a normal person again! Wow, the freedom.. oh my god.. now I can even leave the room with it!! Ha!
    What a waste of money. After just over a month of use received battery has permanent failure and needs to be replaced message. Don't buy.Update 05/31/2018 Just received a replacement battery as a surprise from seller. They deserve Five Stars for doing this. I will be back to update my feedback if this new battery is better. Thanks for trying to make this right. Maybe I just had a bad battery before. My fingers are crossed for both of us.2nd Update 06/25/2018 Replacement battery seems to be working fine so far. I'm very pleased that GHU's customer service was paying attention and sent me a replacement. I'm very happy. Thanks for making this right.
    --Updated review (11/5/18)--It turns out this company has excellent customer service. After reading my original review below, they sent me a new battery and a pre-paid return label to return the defective battery. I've been using the new battery for a few weeks, and it works much better than my old battery. Thank you!--Original review (10/3/18)--I've been using this battery for a month or so now, and have noticed it doesn't charge all the way up; it stops around 80% and won't go any higher. It also will suddenly drop to around 7-10% from around 30%.The reason I bought a new battery was because my old battery was giving the same problems. I was going to ask about returning/exchanging it, but my return window closed 3 days ago.

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