Noble Locks TZ04T Compact Wedge Lock with Barrel Key for Dell Latitude Laptops Price: $34.95 (as of 18/06/2024 18:57 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.


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  • RAM: ‎1 TB


  • TESTED & APPROVED - The TZ04T Noble Wedge Lock is tested to exceed more than 150 pounds force in a 5 way pull test.
  • NOBLE WEDGE SECURITY SLOT - The NOBLE security wedge slot design was designed by the Noble engineering experts to give the lock head additional area to grab...

    User reviews

    Noble Locks in general are not well made and do not fit well. I spoke to Noble Locks, as wells as Dell prior to placing an order for the Noble Locks TZ04T Wedge Lock and to specifically ask what model of the Noble lock do I need for the New Alienware 17" R4. I was told by both companies to purchase the Noble Locks TZ04T Wedge Lock. When I received the lock, the Noble Locks TZ04T Wedge Lock did not fit properly and when you attempt to lock it, with a slight pull the lock comes right out. Before returning the lock, I called both Noble Locks and Dell again. Dell, with it's infamous call center could not accept the fact that the lock does not fit and insisted that the TZ04T lock will fit, even though I repeatedly told Dell I had the same TZ04T lock in my hand and told them it does not fit. Then I called Noble Locks again. This time someone told me that the TZ04T wedge lock works on all Alienware, BUT people have been reporting problems with this lock on the Alienware 17" R4. Their solution; the Noble Locks representative told me to "apply pressure and force the lock in the hole". ARE YOU KIDDING! FORCE the lock in a $3,000 laptop!!!! Noble Locks should be ashamed of themselves and so should Dell for switching to Noble Locks! Dell should go back to the Kensington Locks. Save your money and time. If you have an Alienware 17" R4, Do Not Buy this lock. The TZ04T DOES NOT WORK!Update: Aug 10, 2017. Just received my Kensington Lock CLICKSAFE For NON-STANDARD SLOT and the Kensington Lock fits Perfectly! If you have an Alienware 17" R4 DO NOT WAIST your time with Noble, purchase the Kensington K67974WW lock.
    I can't believe how hard it is to find a security lock for the Dell i7559. Dell's product specs just call it "security slot"without specifying Noble or Kensington. I spent a lot of time searching for this info, including on Noble's website, where the "compatibility finder" says that the TZ04T - TZ Wedge is the right lock. I ordered it from Amazon because my son's about to take this laptop to college and needs it in a hurry. The TZ04T does NOT fit the Dell i7559. It is too small.
    I've had this lock a few days, and every day I fiddle and fiddle with it, trying to get it secure. I eventually gave up on the gizmo that secures the cable, as that was too clumsy to use. But at the end of each day, I thought my laptop secure, but when I reached for the lock? With a jiggle or flip, out pops the lock-- in the lock position! The wedge mechanism is so poorly made, that you cannot extend the wedged piece all the way to 'locked' position, even with the key removed.Bearing down on the key worked a couple of times-- and now even that fails miserably. Pushing hard against the laptop doesn't help. I'll be returning this for a refund.

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