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RUBAN Notebook Lock and Security Cable (PC/Laptop) Two Keys 6.6 Foot (Black) - LaptopUnder 500

RUBAN Notebook Lock and Security Cable (PC/Laptop) Two Keys 6.6 Foot (Black)


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  • 6.6 Foot Universal Security Cable. Made of extremely strong and durable steel cable. Easy to install and theft deterrent.
  • Cable comes with 2 lock keys as an alternative spare. Available for most notebooks,laptops,desktops with built in standard security locking slot hole.If your...

    User reviews

    Bought a new Dell Inspiron 5570 and this cable lock. When I tried to install it onto my Dell it did not fit. It is about 1/16" too wide. Turns out Dell now uses a smaller locking port on some, if not all, of their laptops.This is Dells fault, and mine for not researching this issue before hand. Lesson learned. For my model laptop only the Nobel Lock TZ18T or Kensington N17 will work.Hope this helps someone from making the same mistake as I did.Regarding the lock, it is a solid looking and feeling cable and lock. 4 out of 5 stars for not posting some kind of compatibility statement regarding Dell Laptops.
    I got this 6 foot security cable to keep my laptop from walking away while I was keeping it at a non-profit. I'm not worried about theft... just want to make sure nobody "borrows" it and forgets to put it back. These cables will keep such a thing from happening, but they are not a fool proof theft protection. None of them are. with a screwdriver and enough force, anybody can break them free. The purpose is to deter the casual thief or "borrower", and this cable does the trick for a very economical price. Why pay more for a super thick expensive cable when the weakest link is that little tab that goes into the computer. This completely met my expectations. Thank you!
    This product is economical and simple to use. Overall I am happy with it and have been finding it a good value.I have used it for a couple months now to tether my PC laptop when working in coffee shops and restaurants. So far the lock mechanism has held up and proven mechanically sound. What I like is that the cable isn't too stiff so it curls up nicely and slides into the laptop bag for transport. Also, I don't have issues with a wild, stiff cable flexing all over the table while I am trying to work. The swivel on the end by the lock makes it so that the lock mates easily with the laptop, and the cable rests naturally on a table. This particular design allows for a good range of motion when mating the lock with the key-slot on the laptop. The cable is rubber coated but the coating doesn't stick to itself so the cable loops around furniture and thru it's own end-loop smoothly.While given the right tools and time anyone could probably cut a security cable, this is one more added deterrent to keep my laptop safe while I step away for a moment.

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