Seagate ST1000LM014 1TB 5400 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s 2.5″ Laptop SSHD Bare Drive Seagate


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Seagate ST1000LM014 1TB 5400 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s 2.5" Laptop SSHD Bare Drive

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Pros: Uses an 8GB SSD built in partition as a cache drive for a 500GB standard HDD. 7mm Height to fit in the laptops that accept the smallest 2.5" drives. Absolutely zero extra work for the consumer. Treat it like a regular hdd. A good price for what you get, which is, ssd like boot up times, and a faster initial launch of your programs. Everything isnt faster, but a lot is. I have been on the SSD bandwagon for the past 3 years and have upgraded for myself and my customers many times. I love SSDs because everything just loads, and fast. With this drive, my boot times are roughly what I get with an ssd, and my post windows load experience is much better than a standard hard drive as well. Compatibility #1. As long as you have AHCI capabilities (which im almost positive ive never seen a sata computer not have AHCI) then this will work. A perfect upgrade for old laptops where SSDs are questionable or problematic. Cons: Its just not as fast as I want it to be, but I have real high expectations. To non-ssd people, this thing will fly. only an 8GB SSD cache block. I would really like to see one of these with a 64GB cache block. With 8GB, for a heavy user, it varies a lot what loads fast as there is simply not enough space to hold all the vital bits of several large programs to get that insta speed you expect from an ssd. 500GB is pretty small for someone who is buying a drive for its capacity. tho at 7mm, this is semi-understandable, this year. Overall Review: After testing this drive out, I decided to change my main rig up a little. I ditched the 256GB SSD I had in there and put in a 64GB SSD and used intels cache thing to use it as a 64GB SSD cache block for a 2TB drive. Voila, after I run everything once,, all acts like an SSD. My point is.. I would easily pay $200 for a laptop hard drive that had a 64GB block with a 1TB or better HDD. or $150 for a 500GB. I know they have the ability to currently make this,, physical size and everything, and seems like a no brainer. I personally dont think ill ever buy an ssd over 64GB again unless money is no issue and instead keep it somewhat like i have now. 8GB is just too small for anyone who is really looking for real speed, but this is perfect for a light user. This drive is real good,, but,, it just makes me want more.
Pros: Fast program loading Quiet during high use Cons: No change in OS boot time Overall Review: This laptop drive replaced my failing primary drive in my desktop. My computer is primarily used as a Windows Media Center server. Below are some basic info about my computer using this drive: Windows 7 x64 AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2ghz 6GB Memory After installing this drive I installed a new copy of Windows on the drive then imported my user data using Windows Easy Transfer utility. With this drive I clocked the boot time in POST to be at 19.8 seconds then 60.2 seconds to load Windows. Boot speed is not an issue for me since my computer is always on or sleeping. The formatted space with NTFS is 931.51GB and when running random 1GB tests on the drive I averaged 79.3MB/s read and 84.5MB/s write. Windows scored the drive at 5.9. When using the new drive in my computer day to day Windows Media Center and Recorded TV in WMC loaded instantly. The previous drive for my computer took about 20-30 seconds to load WMC and Recorded TV. This is the second Seagate Solid State Drive I have owned and I have not noticed any increase in speed for boot but for my most used programs I have noticed considerable increase in load times.
Pros: Updating eggxpert review from 4-15-13. Cons: After about 7 months, this drive has failed. About a month ago the drive was noticeably louder and today the drive has completely failed. Overall Review: Sad to see such a failure with HDD warranties getting shorter these days...

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