SHELCONE Laptop Stand, Portable Laptop Stand, Foldable Desktop Notebook Holder Mount, Adjustable Eye-Level Ergonomic Design Price: $19.90 (as of 18/04/2024 08:54 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.


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  • Sturdy and Protective - With its sturdy material, Laptop Stand by SHELCONE is stylish and durable. Portable Laptop Stand supports up to 13 lbs (6kg)
  • Ergonomic design - Adjust Foldable Laptop Riser to the ideal height to minimize neck fatigue. Sit properly in a comfortable posture...

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    Love this stand so much and wish I had gotten it months ago. Working from home the college I work for gave us laptops to use. I need an ergo keyboard so I don’t use the laptop keyboard, which is why I don’t know why I didn’t yet this earlier. It makes the laptop sit up higher and at a perfect angle for the Zoom Lobby I run; allows the camera angle to hit perfect. The stand keeps the laptop up out of the way & it is surprisingly sturdy!! The angle is adjustable. And then you can fold it all up and take with you. I like how it’s unobtrusive. Some of the stands I looked at take up so much room. They even give you a little pouch for it. I am so excited to be getting a 2nd one for my husband. I will be buying them for my kids too!! Love this.
    Highly recommend this laptop stand! I work from home full time so being able to carry my laptop around to different rooms with me and use this stand is amazing. I no longer get pain in my wrists from typing. Lastly, I love this stand when I use my full size monitor because then it makes it the same eye level as my monitor and I don’t have to strain my eyes or neck. This would be great for travel too because of how easily it folds up.
    This stand is a clear winner for 3 main reasons:1) it pops out with one fluid movement, you don't need to hassle with hanging legs to open the stand.2) if you want to pick the stand up and move it to another workspace, the legs do not collapse. Rather, they stay in place making it easy to move & use.3) the legs are set on a clear track to change the height between two settings. It is impossible to set only one side which means your stand will always be sturdy.Worth every penny. I'm glad I finally found the perfect stand!

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