Slide Webcam Cover Ultra Slim 0.027inch Web Camera Cover for Computer, Dell HP Laptop, iMac, MacBook Pro, Smartphone, Slider Camera Blocker Protect Privacy and Securtiy (White-2Pack)


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  • 【 Protect Your Digital Life】Cover your webcam through such a simple and effective gadget, to avoid being spied on from hackers. Focus on provide security and peace of mind to individuals, familys, companies, groups, organizations and governments.
  • 🔮【Fits on Most Devices】...

    User reviews

    I have purchased multiple other privacy covers, and the top of the cover inevitably falls off. They all seem to work fine on laptops and other devices, but the phone going in and out of pockets and my purse causes problems with the covers falling off. I previously purchased extras and just replaced the sliding part. I am very happy to find this design where the cover cannot fall off easily!I have had this one a few days now, in and out of my pockets with no problems with adhesion or anything else so far. **Update - a bit over a month in and I love it! It has remained securely in place on the front of my phone (most challenging location) and it opens when I need, and stays closed the rest of the time.The size was a bit larger than others (see photo). I don't think this would be problematic for larger devices such as tablets and laptops. The cover fit the front of my phone without issue, but the back of my phone case has an indentation around the camera, which was not large enough for me attach this new cover. Lucky for me the front camera cover is the one that was falling apart and that I needed this design for the most.This one is harder to open the cover than the others, since the slider button is slightly recessed. I have to use my fingernail rather than my fingertip, which may be problematic for some. (I tried with a short/just cut nail and it opened fine.) This does means the cover won't accidentally open, which is helpful (other designs open in my pocket inadvertently).Edited to add: after a bit more playing with it, I can open it with my finger rather than fingernail.
    I really like these. For the past 7 years, I've had electrical tape over the webcam on my laptop. When I got a new laptop, I thought "there must be something better". And there is!These are a perfect size. They don't interfere with the display no matter how thin of a border your display screen has. They are also thin enough so that they don't interfere when closing the display lid.My only issue with them is that it's difficult to close and open the shutter on the cover without taking the point of a pen or paperclip. But this isn't a deal breaker for me. In fact, I'm going to order another pack of these.
    After reading some negative reviews about this item, I was concerned that the quality would be disappointing. I'm happy to say that this was unfounded. These privacy shutters are great, and they're very easy to use!I purchased a package of 2, and while they helpfully come with both a wet and dry wipe for cleaning your devices, be aware that you get only one set of wipes, so you will want to have all of your devices close at hand when you use them. I figured my laptops were pretty clean, but the wet wipe removed a visible amount of filth from each laptop. I ended up using the dry wipe as well (I thought I could just wait for the cleaning residue to evaporate), and this left a very clean surface for the shutters to adhere to.I was concerned that the shutters would not adhere well to the grainy, matte plastic that my laptops are made from. Fortunately, they stuck on very well! They're also ridiculously thin, so much so that the ~1/16" rubber bumpers on my laptop screen are enough that it doesn't interfere at all when closing my laptop.Be aware that the slide to open and close the shutter is extremely shallow, and you will need a bit of a fingernail or similar object to open or close it. Fortunately, the slide itself moves very easily.I'm glad I bought these. Like a lot of people these days, I have to video conference daily, and I'm always irrationally worried that I'll unknowingly activate my camera while I'm doing something embarrassing. Now I don't have to worry about that, and can focus on not accidentally unmuting myself and getting fired for making sarcastic responses to things that my boss says!

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