StillCool Laptop Stand, Ergonomic Aluminum Laptop Holder with Heat Vent, Height Adjustable, Laptop Riser Stand Compatible with MacBook,Air,Pro,Dell XPS,Samsung etc. Supports 10-18″ Up to 22 Lbs


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  • 【Ergonomic Adjustable Design】This laptop stand could be adjustable in height and angle of your laptop for your healthy body posture to minimize neck fatigue or spine problems. Coming with a tools for adjustment, adjust it depending on you need.Also it is foldable for easy storage and...

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    This is exactly what I was looking for to free up space for an external keyboard for my laptop. I appreciate the simple styling and metal construction. My space is limited and even with a 15" laptop I have no room to place my keyboard in front of my laptop screen without having my wrists hang off the edge of the desk. This stand solves that and also alleviates neck strain from having to pitch my head down.. The laptop can be elevated and angled to accommodate a perfect viewing angle without hitting the back of the wall my desk is against. The stand appeqrs to be aluminum or some other cast metal and feels solid enough to support my heavy 5lb M15. The base is flat which allows me to place the keyboard on top of the space that would other wise be occupied by the laptop. The plate on the stand that the laptop rests on has- for my laptops vent position at least, a decent amount of cutout to not completely obstruct the M15s exhaust vents as shown the picture. The m15 is already excellent at cooling itself but when comparing the temperatures from the GPU when the laptop is flat on a desk versus elevated on this stand, the computer showed improvement of a couple degrees Celsius which is impressive to me. All in all a much better value than the myriad of similar products on here. I most like the way it completes the look of my Alienware "battlestation" - I feel like I'm at control center of a space ship.
    A good little sturdy stand for a desk setup if you want your laptop to be at the same level as a monitor or direct eye height so you don’t have to look down. It’s pretty light weight but seems rugged enough. Comes with a little wrench to adjust how easily it can collapse as well which was very nice to have
    First laptop stand and love it. Very sturdy, good quality, ergonomic, and love that it is adjustable as I work from several locations using different laptops at times. Makes a world of difference while working from home. Highly recommended.

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