TECKNET RGB Laptop Cooling Pad Cooler for 15.6-17 Inch Laptop with 5 Quiet Fans and Touch Control, 2 USB Port


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  • Brand: ‎TECKNET
  • Item model number: ‎ECP01505
  • Item Weight: ‎2.14 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: ‎17.44 x 12.28 x 1.65 inches
  • Color: ‎Black
  • Manufacturer: ‎TECKNET
  • Date First Available: ‎August 20, 2019


  • 【High Speed Quiet Fan】 Laptop Cooling Pad is with 5 high-speed fans, provides excellent cooling effect,optimized 15.6"- 17" laptop cooling effect
  • 【Cooler with RGB light】Cooling pad with 15 kinds of RGB side light. One button to switch and just press and hold for 3 seconds to turn...

    User reviews

    Edit: it's 10/12/2020 now and average temperature is still at 71oC & I have 50 chrome tabs open and am running zoom. The cooling also seems to work better when the legs are at least halfway extended. The temperature was spiking above 80 degrees when the legs were down during full load, so I think be mindful of having space between the cooling at and the table (or your lap). +1 star since I seemed to find the key to efficient performance.Added a screenshot that shows a notable difference in temperature across 4 different tests. I have a Lenovo with a XEON Intel processor, so I used the Intel Power Gadget tool to measure my laptop temperature for about 40 minutes. This is for my work laptop that I use for data crunching and high RAM performing tasks and creative things like using Adobe creative suite and running 50 tabs on Chrome at once. My laptop gets hot, so here we are.In the first two rounds of testing, I ran the fan for 10 minutes and saw that the temperature stayed sub 70 both times while continuing to work throughout my day. Without the fan, it ran at about mid 70 degrees celsius. The range of cooling is about 5 degrees celsius, which is OK and proves that this thing works out of the box.Turning the fan on and running it at full speed generated very little airflow, but the data shows that it does have a cooling effect. It is quiet and it does cool. Yay, confirmation.The LEDs are cute and I love the colors, but like other reviews have stated, I wish there was an option to turn it off. All in all, a decent cooling mat for a decent price.Conclusion:It works. I was however hoping for a higher cooling range than 5 o celsius. It's quiet. The build is alright, was hoping for faster and stronger speeds, however. Maybe I just have a super hot laptop with too high expectations.
    This thing is amazing! My laptop runs hot while watching videos or running virtual machines. This has really good airflow and is extremely quiet. It has helped my machine keep cool so the fans don’t run fullbore while I am working. There’s even a nice little flap at the front so if your laptop doesn’t have good feet to grip on it the laptop will not slid off. Don’t know why I didn’t buy this earlier!
    The set up: M17 Alienware LaptopThe works: Cools the laptop really well. A+The sound: My boyfriend has a different fan for when we game and his is way louder. A+The looks: I also got a more colorful theme with my set up and this does not disappoint! If you want just one color, dont worry, it have that option too! A+Overall review: really good bang for your buck and gets the job done in style. I have a 17" laptop and it does hang a teeny tiny bit but nothing that messes with my OCD. Posted pictures to prove. Thanks guys for a great product! I'll be sure to use it to the max, especially when gaming!!

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