Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB Notebook Cooler (CL-N014-PL20SW-A) Thermaltake


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Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB Notebook Cooler (CL-N014-PL20SW-A)

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Pros: - RGB lights looks great. Two buttons to control color and mode. - The fan is huge and runs quietly. - Looks sturdy. - Lives up to its name, this thing is "Massive". 14" laptops will probably look really small on this one. Cons: - Fans are huge, but it doesn't move as much air as advertised. Really a big letdown. For its price, fans should've been bigger and rpm should be higher. - This will occupy 2 USB slots, though it will run by using one. Better include USB Hub when you buy this. - USB cables provided looks a bit fragile, need to be extra careful since they don't provide an extra cable. Overall Review: - Aesthetics-wise, this is A+. The air it produces? B-. If you want to just add extra flair to your setup, then this one is for you. *Kudos to Newegg for the fast delivery (outside US).
Pros: -RGB -Multiple heights -Large Cons: -Barely moves any air -Depending on your laptop might take two usb slots Overall Review: Overall it's an overpriced laptop stand, with a 200mm fan I was expecting this thing to move way more air than it does. Maybe it's just attempting to keep the whole thing quiet, but it does so at the expense of performance. Saw maybe a two to five degree change in temps while idle, the change while gaming was not noticeable.
Pros: The size is perfect for the larger laptops like MSI Titans. Fan is large and quite and seems to do the trick for my laptop. The RGB colors are very impressive and very bright. I haven't tried using it on my lap while playing games but seems to be okay while surfing the net. Cons: It's big! It uses two USB connections. One for the fan and one for the RGB LED colors. Air movement. There really isn't a whole lot. If you have a laptop that heats up and you can feel it on your keys or top portion this probably isn't for you (I'm guessing). Overall Review: If you want a larger cooler for your laptop that doesn't quite fit on a 17.3" pad, this is for you. It doesn't produce huge amount of airflow and using up 2 UBS slots might be a draw back. I really do like the colors and quite sound it makes. It's gives me just the right amount of airflow that I need for my laptop. It also, works on my lap when not gaming and is comfortable.

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