Thermaltake Massive TM 17″ Laptop Cooling Pad with Dual 120mm Fans and Temperature Sensors CL-N002-PL12BL-A Thermaltake


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Thermaltake Massive TM 17" Laptop Cooling Pad with Dual 120mm Fans and Temperature Sensors CL-N002-PL12BL-A

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Pros: -Cools very well -Fits 17" laptops perfectly -Quiet -Sturdy, well built -Two stage stands like on keyboards to elevate your laptop -Has a usb slot on the back so you don't waste one for the chillmat. Cons: -The blue lights and display could be somewhat annoying if you use your laptop in the dark. There is no way to turn them off. -Not really practical to use on your lap as it blocks the bottom of the fans. -Only two fan speeds. The turbo setting cools well but is a little noisy. Would of preferred an in between setting, but this isn't enough of a con to knock an egg off and the normal setting cools just fine and is very quiet. -A little bulky, but if you already have a big laptop I'm sure you have a bag big enough so everything should fit. Overall Review: Overall a very nice product. Fits massive laptops and keeps them cool, even during intense gaming. Although I feel like the temp sensors are irrelevant, as its just the temp on the case. The pegs in the picture are said temp sensors, and move down on springs to accommodate the bottom oft he laptop, and are adjustable left and right if you want to monitor certain spots.
Pros: temperature sensors, 2-speed fans, fits 17" laptops. Cons: The extended feet don't have anti-slip pads. When you elevate the cooler to help airflow, the set up, the laptop and the cooler, slides on the surface. Overall Review: I would still buy it again, since buying anti-slip tape or rubber feet for it isn't horrible.
Pros: Two fans, temp displays, turbo mode... keeps laptop in place. Keeps it cool, best one I have had and I have had about 6 different ones ranging from low end to mostly high end... don't waste your money on anything more expensive it is just not worth it. This one is perfect and great price. Cons: None

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