[Upgrade Design ] 13.5 inch Surface Laptop 3/2 Privacy Screen Filter Protector Compatible with Microsoft Surface Laptop 1/2 -High Clarity- Anti-Glare/Anti-Spy Filter


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  • 1.[ Surface Laptop Privacy Screen]- Microsoft Surface Laptop privacy screen Filter Limits viewing angle to +/- 30 degrees, data is visible only to persons directly in front of the monitor,while prying eyes beside you see only a black screen.
  • 2.PYS Surface Laptop privacy screen...

    User reviews

    I was looking for a good anti-glare filter for my Surface, because looking at the very shiny screen would always give me eye strain. I figured the privacy block was a cool add-on, but it wasn't the primary reason I purchased. The pros are that as an anti-glare filter, it works pretty great. The privacy block is okay - it hides a lot, but not 100% like I've seen other filters, like the ones they use at the bank and such. It is marketed for the Surface, and it fits the screen of my Surface Book 1 perfectly, so that's definitely a plus.So why the only 2 star review? The thing that really breaks this for me is that when placed on my screen the touchscreen does NOT work at all. Although the description says it is compatible with touch screens, after placing this one on my screen the touch features did not even passably work - it was 100% non functional. I have no idea why one would market a filter for a Surface, which is a touch screen laptop, that would basically take one of the laptop's major features away. Would not recommend.
    Everything worked except for the privacy filter. I turned my computer every way and it did not work at all. A person could absolutely see what you are doing on your computer. Bought this for the airplane and it's trash!
    Super easy to adhere to my laptop. I'm using it in an Acer Chromebook Spin 13 and it fits great. No glare at all and good privacy from the sides. I can safely work in coffee shops without fear of snoopers.

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