Webcam Cover 6-Pack, Web Camera Cover Slide Ultra-Thin for Laptop, iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac, Computer, Smart Phone, Tablets Slider Camera Blocker Protect Your Privacy & Security (Black)


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  • ✅ Easy to Use: Simply peel off the sticker and apply on clean webcam area (cleaning pad included); place your finger on the magnetic slider to uncover webcam when you need a camera.
  • ✅ Thin and Hide: 0.02 inches super thin design and undetectable when the laptop lid is closed. The adhesive can be easily applied and does not leave residue behind.
  • ✅ Fits Most Devices: The Webcam Cover is compatible with most Laptop, Computer, Smart Phones, iPad, iPhone, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Tablets PC, PS4, and all-in-one desktops, etc.
  • ✅ What You Get: 6x webcam cover with two different sizes (3x 0.78*0.6*0.02, 3x 1.1*0.45*0.02 inches), a cleaning pad and 12-month warranty and friendly customer service.


  • ✅ Small But Mighty:Are you aware that hackers can easily access your webcam without your permission? Now you can cover and ease your anxieties about Internet privacy and creepy online hackers by using this small webcam cover.
  • ✅ Easy to Use: Simply peel off the...

    User reviews

    Overall, I really like these! They are extremely simple to install on your computer, and I can’t even tell they are there! The black matches the black of a computer screen (obviously dependent on your computer) and slides to cover the camera easily! It is extremely thin, and does not make the screen rub when closing a laptop. I do like the choice of the slightly larger oval cover, and the slightly smaller rectangular cover. Both work well, but also give you options to fit your camera best.The one thing to note... I do have a Dell XPS computer, and the modern computers (last 3 years) have been moving towards minimal boarder around the screen. What that means is that I technically can’t use this (even the smaller rectangular cover) without very slightly covering the screen. (Although, I also have an iPhone, so I am used to having a dark spot on the top of my screen... and it only covers maybe a millimeter strip of the screen, so not really an issue. But just something to note. (However I don’t think there are any smaller ones, so it might still be your best option.I do recommend these, and plan on getting more, as I need them!
    When other users say “blends in well with my PC”.... for me that would be a negative attribute. In fact if I had to do it over again, I’d buy a white one for my black PC. The problem is, I can’t easily see when it is open or closed. The black slide and black frame look EXACTLY the same as my laptop frame, and I can’t see whether it is open or closed when I sit back! I actually remedied this by cutting a small piece off a neon post it flag, and sticking that color paper into the frame (on the side where the camera isn’t), so that when I see the neon paper, the camera is CLOSED and I know I have privacy. See photos. I feel like it’s a design flaw that this thing blends in so well that you can’t see if it’s in use, but it was an easy fix.
    The cover broke apart as I was applying it to the camera. Unacceptable. Returned it and ordered something else.

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