Webcam Cover Slide Ultra Slim Web Camera Cover for Computer, Dell HP Laptop, Mac, Mac Book Pro, Smartphone, Slider Camera Blocker Protect Privacy and Security (4 Pack)


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  • 【Webcam Privacy Cover】Cover your webcam through such a simple and effective gadget, to avoid being spied on from hackers.Webcam cover slide focus on provide security and peace of mind to individuals, families, companies, groups, organizations, and governments.
  • 【Fits on Most...

    User reviews

    Wow, these are truly ultra-slim, very small and unobtrusive.I’m currently using a black one on a black laptop and it blends in beautifully.I do a lot of video conference calls for work but also like that I have the option of not being on video if I choose and it’s as simple as sliding the button.These come 4 to a package, various colors and they have a peel-off sticky backing to them.Simply line up the hole to the camera on your laptop and press to stick.From there slide the bar left or right depending on if you want your camera open or not.It’s a great security function as well, with so many things that hackers can do, you don’t have to worry that your laptop camera may be compromised.Good product, does the job and I would recommend this product.
    Everything is GREAT about this product except for the adhesion. You will be able to tell that it will fall loose one day. Right now, it has “survived” for a week, so I will wait to see how long it will remain on my phone and laptop.It’s an ideal method to open or close the camera for a phone, iPad, or laptop, and the varied colors help because each color goes with a different device. I bought these covers because my kid was covering her phone camera with tape and colored paper.NOTE: You need to pay attention where you place the adhesive because if it is too close to the camera, when you take pics, you will see a haze instead of a clear photo.
    First I thought, who needs this when you can place several post its over the lens for free? Well, color me happy. I bought it to have a more professional look in my work from home space. I love the ease of use and installation. Sent one to a colleague and she instantly removed her post its and loves it. Placed them on her work and home laptops. No more gotchas on meetings because the post it slipped or I forgot to turn off the camera.

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