XCMRD Battery 14.8V 40WH Compatible with Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series 15-3537 15-3542 15-3543 15-3541 15-3521 15-3531 i3531 i3542-6000bk 17 3721 3737 17R-5737 15R 5537 5521 14 3421 5421 P28F V8VNT


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  • COMPATIBILITY: For Dell Inspiron 15 3542, Inspiron 15 3543, Inspiron 15 3541, Inspiron 15 3521, Inspiron 15 3537, Inspiron 15 3531, Inspiron 15R 5521, Inspiron 15R 5537, Inspiron 17 3721, Inspiron 17 3737, Inspiron 17R 5737, Inspiron 17R 5721, Inspiron 14 3421, Inspiron 14 3437, Inspiron 14R 5421, Inspiron 14R 5437, N5421 N3421 N3721 N3737 N5721 N5737, Latitude 3440, Latitude 3540, Vostro 2421, Vostro 2521, P28F P40F P17E P37G laptop model and more.
  • COMPATIBLE P/N: XCMRD V8VNT 4WY7C FW1MN 0MF69 24DRM 49VTP 4DMNG 6HY59 68DTP 6KP1N 6XH00 6K73M 8RT13 8TT5W 9K1VP DJ9W6 G35K4 G019Y N121Y MR90Y MK1R0 T1G4M VR7HM PVJ7J V1YJ7 YGMTN X29KD XRDW2 W6XNM 312-1390 312-1387 312-1433 312-1392 451-12107 451-12108
  • FITS PROPERLY AND CHARGES FAST: Type 14.8V 40WH XCMRD Laptop battery 100% New from Manufacturer Grade A cells ensure fast charges and low power consumption ; Adopted upgraded circuit board to increase the operating time by 25%.factory direct supply and best price ; Built-in-circuit protection overcharge protection, over voltage protection ensures both safety and stability.
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  • SPECIFICATION : Model Name: 40Wh Standard Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Type XCMRD; Battery Type: Li-ion; Voltage : 14.8V; Capacity : 40Wh; Cells: 4-cell; Color: Black Each of our product is CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified.
  • COMPATIBILITY: For Dell Inspiron 15 3542, Inspiron 15 3543,...

    User reviews

    Excellent merchant!The item was defective. It lasted three months before an alert popped up on my laptop regarding a discharging battery. I Immediately flipped over my computer and popped the battery off.I contacted the seller and they are replacing the battery. The back and forth correspondence was over just a few early morning hours. The battery was new but defective. This item's failure is IN NO WAY the fault of the seller. The battery has a twelve month warranty but lasted only three.NOT THE SELLER'S FAULT! i WOULD BUY FROM THEM WITHOUT HESITATION.
    Battery isn’t being detected. I have two laptops same make and model. I was having issues with one laptop stating battery isn’t being detected and the other laptop works fine. I bought this new battery thinking it would resolve my issue on the bad laptop. Installed new battery, and attempted to remove battery driver and update BIOS and no luck. Attempted the same new battery on second good computer and battery issue persisted where it wouldn’t detect it even on good computer. Changed battery from good laptop to bad laptop and no battery issues, just simple pop and plug in and it worked. New battery issue persisted whether I try on good or bad laptop, battery isn’t being detected. Next step is reimagine and upgrading OS on bad laptop to see if that resolves the battery issue. No complaints about shipment or anything else, it came very well packaged, new in the box from what I can tell and very quickly, not sure if battery was just a dud or there are issues with my laptop :-/. Giving it a 3 star for now as unsure if battery life is good or bad.
    This was a perfect match for my computer. The battery part number is on your battery. You cannot go by the computer model. The same model computer has many different battery part numbers. Search Amazon by the part number on your battery and you will get what you need. I have charged and recharged it many times and all is well.

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