ZTHY New MB04XL Rechargeable Battery for HP Envy X360 Convertible M6-AQ000 M6-AQ105DX M6-AQ003DX M6-AQ103DX 15-AQ000 AQ005NA AQ101NG AQ015NR AQ273CL AQ173CL 843538-541 844204-850 15.4V 55.67Wh


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  • 【Specification】Battery type: Li-ion. Color:Black. Volts: 15.4V. Capacity: 55.67Wh/4-Cell. 100% New from Manufacturer. Up to 500 recharge cycles over the life of the battery.
  • 【Replace Part Number】MB04XL MBO4XL HSTNN-UB6X 843538-541 844204-850
  • 【Compatible Models】HP ENVY...

    User reviews

    The battery itself works great and has returned my "unplugged" time back to like new on my laptop. Instructions for installation are readily available on Youtube for lots of models. Taking laptops apart to install is the tricky thing, but that is not the fault of the battery folks. They did a great job. You just have to have some patience and courage popping your machine apart. Good luck
    Videos are online. Product didn't come with instructions but I didn't expect an internal battery used in several models to provide details on a specific laptop.Never replaced an internal one before. But the price was right and I was cheaping out, avoiding a service to do the job for me.only one of the tabs to screw to the laptop was out of alignment. I was worried that I'd get the old battery out just to learn the non-OEM battery was significantly off in adaptability. Aside from having to brute force adjust one of the 6 or 8 attachment points was a pleasant surprise.Fired right up and restored 5 or 6 hours of battery ops depending on how much load you're applying.
    Started getting the "Plugged in not charging" issue on my 3.5 years old Envy. It was barely lasting 1.5 hours and then the last few days it dropped to about 30 minutes. Opened the laptop up with a few screws, the old battery was swelling which is a sign it went bad. Took about 30 minutes to change it out. Charged it to 100% and it's like a brand new laptop.

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