SOUNDANCE Laptop Cooling Pad with Low-Noise Fan and 3.0 USB Hubs, Ventilated Laptop Cooler Prevent Overheating, Ergonomic Laptop Stand Support Up to 17” Gaming Notebook Computer, Aluminum Price: $59.99 (as of 17/04/2024 08:25 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.


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  • Large fan, Low Noise --- The built-in fan is large which the size is 140mm in diameter, it circulates faster and more air, prevent the overheating problem efficiently. Also it has blue LED light that light up when it running, it’s easy to know the fan is on or off.
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    First of all when it arrived and I opened the box I thought there is no way mu HP Envy 17" laptop will be safe on this, it's too small. Then I set it up and to my surprise it sat on the platform and because of the rubber pads it stayed in place and was just fine. The small USB-to-USB cable everyone complained about was perfect and extra strong, they even through in a USB C -to-USB A 3.0 Converter.I was concerned about the 3.0 USB Hub, since in the picture, it shows a White USB 2.0 input. Everyone knows (or they should) you can't have 3.0 output if your input is 2.0. To my surprise it is in fact 3.0!The fan is a little louder than some other products but cools very well. You can't control the fan speed and the blue light is on when the fan is on but over all this is a very good product in a sea of junk coolers out there.I would like to see the top plate bigger and more granular controls but, You can't do any better than this for the money.I could also see something like this with a switch instead of a Hub for specialized situations like a camera station, maybe you guy's can work on something like that for the future.UPDATE!!! I bought a second one I liked it so much.
    What I first noticed about the SOUNDANCE laptop cooling "pad" is that it's a sturdy, aluminum work of industrial design that looks like it'll last 100x longer than the cheaper, plastic models available. The unit allows for multiple degrees of freedom, giving the user the ability to tilt the back up (typical) or front higher for comfortable typing (atypical). And most importantly, the stand stays in the position you place it, and doesn't sag or settle, even with reasonable wrist weight.The one big fan was a concern for gaming on a 100°C Razer Blade 15 Advanced laptop, but the position of the fan aligns nicely between the two small built-in fans of the laptop, allowing a perfectly-designed "down and away" airflow to keep the CPU and GPU cool.Five stars and two thumbs up. This is an excellent laptop stand, and is highly recommended to anyone looking for a sturdy end-game laptop cooler.
    Product is metal instead of plastic which is great for sturdiness but lends itself to being very heavy (definitely not something I can just take with me and transport/carry around when I need to travel with my laptop). I have an ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 14" Gaming Laptop which I use for work (not for gaming--in fact I'm not a gamer but got it anyway for its power and performance versus a standard laptop). My laptop runs VERY hot and this cooling pad barely cools it. The large fan on this cooling pad is situated dead in the center which provides cooling to the center of my laptop but the top, bottom, and the sides of my laptop does not cool at all and remains very hot because the fan does not reach out far enough to the edges to cool the outside parts of my laptop. This is due to having the fan in the dead center with airflow being blocked off by the metal on the outside edges of the cooling bad (the entire surface of the cooling pad needs to be completely perforated and needs more fans in order to perform better at cooling my laptop). Back to the drawing board!

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